Hear the term compact car and you may be concerned that the Mazda 3 won’t have room for you and everything you need on a daily basis. You may picture a small car lacking enough leg room or trunk space for your needs. This Mazda sedan, however, makes you forget that it is a compact vehicle as soon as you get inside. Just take a close look at all the space it offers drivers and passengers.

Spacious Seating

Every passenger has room to stretch out in the Mazda 3 with 1,073 mm of front legroom and 909 mm of rear legroom. This even leaves ample room for those long road trips, helping to insure no one gets leg cramps on the trip. There is also up to 981 mm of headroom in front and 955 mm in the back, with the numbers only decreasing slightly if you choose to take advantage of the available moonroof. Open this moonroof and you will feel as if your Mazda 3 sedan extends to the sky. This combined with seats that are designed to allow for the most comfort means you feel as if you are riding in the lap of luxury. Seats are also covered in premium upholstery to insure you have comfort and durability when in your Mazda.

Impressive Cargo

The Mazda 3 sedan gives you 350 liters to store cargo. Choose to drive the Mazda 3 Sport hatchback model and this number grows to 572 liters even when all seats are occupied. Best of all, this growth in cargo doesn’t require a sacrifice to passenger space; it is simply thanks to the smart hatchback design. In fact, you can fold down the rear seats in the Mazda 3 Spot models and get 1,334 liters, more than enough for all your cargo. This allows you to have a car that can easily transport you and all your passengers as well as any luggage or other items from running errands.

Comfortable Seating

In addition to feeling large, this Mazda sedan ensures that every passenger is comfortable. Pick a model with leather-trimmed upholstery and you will notice that comfort and style increases. At the same time, the upholstery works with the seating arrangement to absorb noises from the road so you can better enjoy the audio playing on your Mazda Connect system. Now you can easily listen to all your favorites without noise interrupting you. The secret to this noise absorption is the moderately large seat perforations that have small distances between them. The seats have also been contoured to mold with the body so everyone is comfortable at all times. Now you will be able to ride in a car that is designed to offer you the best seating as well as ward off extra noise. Carry on discussions with ease while kicked back on long family road trips. If you want to get a better look at all these features, get out to your Mazda dealer and take one for a test drive.




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