Take a look at the compact Mazda 3 and you will quickly notice that there are two variations, with distinct body differences. Both are highly capable and very stylishly designed. In Canada, these are referred to as the Mazda 3 and Mazda 3 Sport, although Mazda gives the cars different names in other countries. The two models are nearly identical, with a few key differences to set them apart and these differences are discussed here.

Body Style

The most obvious difference between these two versions of the Mazda 2 is their body style. Either is a compact vehicle, but choosing the Mazda 2 will give you a sedan with trunk space. The Mazda 3 Sport, on the other hand, is a hatchback. They have the same size wheelbase, but the Mazda 3 is slightly longer at 4,580 millimeters compared to 4,460. All other exterior dimensions are identical, making for a sleek, stylish vehicle that is a pleasure to drive.

Cargo Area

Based on the body style, it should be no surprise that the Mazda 3 Sport, the hatchback version, offers significantly more cargo space. This makes it an ideal vehicle for those who need a little extra space for daily excursions or weekend adventures. The Mazda 3 gives you a respectable 350 liters for cargo, a good number for the class, making it a reasonable vehicle for general commutes. The hatchback design of the Mazda 3 Sport, however, has 572 liters behind the 2nd row of seats, largely thanks to taller rear design. If you fold down the seats in the Mazda 3 Sport, you can get up to 1,334 liters of space. Even with the larger cargo area in the Mazda 3 Sport, it still manages to give you 3 more liters of passenger space, making for a roomier vehicle all the way around. This number is small enough where most people will not notice a difference when going for a simple drive but on long trips it makes for more leg room. Of course, the difference in cargo space can be crucial for those who haul around a lot of items.

Pricing and Trims

The other major difference between the two models is their pricing and the number of choices you have. The Mazda 3 comes with the choice of the G, GX, GS, or GT trim. The starting price ranges from $15,550 to $25,350 depending on which trim is chosen and what additional options are selected. Meanwhile, the Mazda 3 Sport only lets you pick from the GX, GS, and GT trims and starts at $19,350 to $26,350. In selecting between the two models most decide based on the space needed as well as the amount of features to select from. Those looking for more tend to go with the Mazda Sport.  In other words, the extra space of the hatchback costs more and if you don’t need a lot of features, the Mazda 3 will be ideal.




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