SkyActiv technology is one of the many Mazda innovations that you won’t find in any other vehicle lineups. It is designed to take the already amazing Mazda vehicles and bring them to the next level, offering improved performance, efficiency, and safety. The Mazda 3 includes several key components of SkyActiv technology, each of which plays a key role in its abilities and appeal.

SkyActiv Engines in the 2016 Mazda 3

SkyActiv engines, like those in the Mazda 3, aim to create the ideal combustion ratio. A conventional engine with internal combustion can only use approximately 30 percent of the potential energy from fuel. Mazda’s SkyActiv engines push internal combustion to its limits, boosting fuel efficiency. These engines are able to compress the mixture of fuel and air in their cylinders to a much greater extent than traditional engines, getting more energy out of each drop of fuel. You won’t find the SkyActiv engine compression ratio, 14:1, in any other mass-produced engine. This ratio helps give you truly impressive fuel economy and a pleasurable driving experience.

In the Mazda 3 model, drivers have access to either a 2.0-liter or a 2.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine. These engines have a 15 percent improvement in torque and fuel efficiency over other similar engines on the market. They are also better or driving needs in the real world thanks to the boosted torque performance at speeds which are medium or low.

SkyActiv Transmissions in the 2016 Mazda 3

In addition to the SkyActiv engines, there are also several SkyActiv transmission, which are designed to give the driver the best control possible, since this is what most people would classify as an ideal transmission. The SkyActiv-Drive automatic transmission gives you the direct feel that is typically reserved for manual transmissions while still giving you the fuel economy and smoothness of an automatic. The SkyActiv-MT, also available in the 2016 Mazda 3, is compact and lightweight to give you superior fuel economy and the shifting feel you would typically get from a sports car. This is partly thanks to a weight reduction of 16 percent as well as the decrease in size. Either transmission is available in the Mazda 3 as a 6-speed.


The SkyActiv-Body in the 2016 Mazda 3 is light enough to let the Mazda perform well in basic functions like stopping, turning, and accelerating. This is the result of an 8-percent weight reduction. At the same time, Mazda engineers improved rigidity by 30 percent thanks to a full makeover of the framework, giving it enough sturdiness to keep you safe.


A final piece of SkyActiv technology in the 2016 Mazda 3 is the lightweight chassis with completely redesigned suspensions in the front and rear. This chassis also has new features like an electric power steering system for swift handling and a highly rigid, lightweight cross member. This lets it fine-tune the balance between needs which typically conflict, like comfort and thrills or stability at high speeds with agility at low to medium ones.




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